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Cell Control Hyaluron Essence

Product Detail Information

Main ingredients and characteristics

  1. Vitamin E - Anti-inflammatory and anti-acidic/supplies vitamin inducing substances
  2. NA-MA - Protects skin's moisture
  3. DC-556 - Protects the skin's moisture and intercepts ultraviolet rays
  4. Squalene - Protects skin's moisture / Relieves irritation
  5. L- Arginine - Protects skin's moisture
  6. Allantoin - Anti-inflammatory / Anti-acidic


  • Forms a powerful moisture film to provide moisture and nutrition to the skin.
  • The product is effective for relieving the skin, against acids, for blood circulation, and for controlling sebum.
  • The product is effect for preventing aging, for softening the skin, and for elasticizing the skin.
  • Because the product is produced using the nano method, it absorbs well into the skin.